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Welcome to Quito, Capital of the Andes! In this Travel Uni training programme you will learn all about Ecuador’s fascinating capital city, Quito, and the role it plays as gateway to the country’s stunning Andean and Amazonian regions, both bursting with history, culture and adventure opportunities.

Set high in South America’s towering Andes mountain range, close to the equator, Quito was the world’s first UNESCO-listed city, such is its rich cultural heritage. Not only does Quito present an excellent introduction to Latin America for first-time visitors, but it is also the perfect base from which to explore the Andes region with its colourful festivals, markets and adventure options and, just a short flight to the east, Ecuador’s share of the Amazon rainforest, teeming with wildlife.


Those visiting Ecuador’s unique Galapagos Islands, meanwhile, should be sure to complement their trip with a stay on the mainland where the capital city’s historic charm and the region’s diverse indigenous culture sits in stark contrast to the isolated Pacific islands and their famed wildlife population.